Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poached eggs and sumo salad

I know sweet and savoury may not sit well with a lot of you, but growing up in an Asian family, there was always an abundance of foods with this combination! Though when I first heard of bacon and ham with maple syrup, I was very reluctant to try it. Really? Meat with maple syrup? Maple syrup if for eating with fluffy pancakes! But then one groggy morning, I was at Pancakes on the Rocks with my friends and I really felt like eating poached eggs. But the only poached egg they had on their menu came with hollandaise sauce and behold - ham and maple syrup. Hungry, I had thought, why not? The food had arrived swiftly and that's when I discovered this miracle combination. The oozing yolk combined with the ham and maple syrup was to die for - I was hooked. So the other morning, I was craving this and made my own version at home with a crumpet!

The yolk was perfectly gooey! Though I think I need to find a way to perfect the whites of the eggs when cooking... And yes, I am aware of the dodgy plate haha. I will buy perfectly beautiful chinaware and matching cutlery and plate sets when I move out!

On another happy note, I finished my last exam today so I have freedom for a month! I came out of my exam ravished and was craving Vietnamese rolls. But alas, Vietnamese rolls were not in the cards and were sold out when I went to the sushi store. So I settled for the next best thing. Well, what healthy choices do I have when I am roaming around in a food court?

Pumpkin and cous cous salad, $6.50 for a small
Damn you Sumo Salad, jacked up the prices!! Last time I went, prices were at $5.95 which I already thought of as dear. So this was incredibly expensive for such a small portion. But oh well, it filled me up enough so I wasn't hungry anymore. And it was delicious! So I can't complain... Must attempt to make this at home - I have some cous cous sitting around in my cupboard.

Now I can go back to doing all the things I was doing before my exam - without the guilt!

Sumo Salad @ the Broadway Shopping Centre on Urbanspoon

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