Monday, June 25, 2012

Holidays are hereee!

So it is finally time to relax. BUT since my sleeping pattern is so messed up from uni, I've been finding it hard to fall asleep so early at night despite feeling super tired :( I'd be lying in my bed, trying to sleep but to no avail. And not only that, my neighbours are fixing their roof so there are tradesmen coming in at 7am in the morning who decide to blast music at insanely high volumes. It's not a club for goodness sake! And people are trying to sleep here!! To top it all off, the neighbour's dog has this weird complex where it barks at anyone and anything non-stop. So there is the noise of the power tools and hammering, the insanely annoying pop music, and a dog that won't shut up going on continuously from 7am in the morning... I seriously do not understand how that dog can continue barking for that long. Doesn't it run out of air capacity in its lungs?! All in all, this just means I've been getting even less sleep compared to when I've been going to uni... HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Le sigh.

On another note, I made mung bean hummus today. It tasted... funky haha. I boiled the mung beans until they were soft, added parsley, peanut butter, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper. I'm not going to lie, it did not taste that great. The only positive thing about it is that it's very healthy, especially with the added chia seeds! But I'm either going to have to tweak it (add garlic, onions, lemon juice?) or stick with how us Asians normally eat them - as a sweet dessert soup. Which is not good because an insane amount of sugar goes into it! Speaking of desserts, I still have a Betty Crocker brownie mix to use up before it passes its overdue date.

Anyway, I'm going out to Ms G's tonight with my high school girls so that should be fun since I have not seen them in such a long time! And not to mention I've been wanting to go to Ms G's for their lunch/dinner menu for quite some time (I went to their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dessert degustation that was part of the March into Merivale event). Must try their cute pre-packaged cocktails! It shall be awesome. So expect another restaurant review post soon!

I shall do some pilates before I have to head off - time to feel some pain!


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