Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Parramatta shopping spree

Today was a wonderful day spent relaxing and shopping with one of my workmates. I will probably upload pictures of what I bought over the next few days. For now I just wanted to bask in the glow that is university holidays.

I also tried the individual pieces of sushi at Hero Sushi on the top level of Parramatta Westfield which was really nice and cheap! Compared to sushi trains anyway... And this way, I got to try one of everything which is always a bonus. Didn't take a photo as the box squished the sauce everywhere... But I did also buy a Boost! I ordered a kids Tropical Storm as I had just finished lunch and didn't want to fill myself up too much. But the wonderful girl at the counter "accidentally made too much" so she gave me a medium! That actually made my day - she was so nice (:

My upsized Boost!
Of course I drank all of it and became super bloated... Haha greedy old me.

And my lovely high school friends bought me a really late birthday present!

Belts from Forever New

Chocolate therapy pops & strawberry peppermint mints from Happy Lab!

Left to right: Milk strawberry, Milk coffee, White vanilla, Milk blueberry, Dark orange, White green tea, Dark chilli, & Dark mint
I thought these would be hollow with a flavoured truffle/ganache centre but turns out they are solid chocolate and are flavoured with oils! Tastes delicious, yum.

Happy Monday!


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