Monday, June 4, 2012

gigantor much!

My darling architecture girlies bought me a giant cupcake for my birthday from Cupcakes on Pitt! I have so much love for these girls ♥

We were supposed to go in to uni today to get our marks for Studio and they were all there to surprise me! They are truly such wonderful people and I am so lucky to have them in my life. And I'm loving the card they got me too - I absolutely adore cats and these ones are so cute sitting inside different cakes and sweets! My two loves combined into one!

It's got all sorts of chocolate icing and sprinkles on top and there's a chocolate shell holding onto the cake inside! If any of you are interested, it's the giant Mixed Chocolate cupcake. It's ruining my health kick... But for this delicious looking beauty, why not? :P

Now onto the question everyone is thinking - how do I eat it? Why, with a giant spoon of course ;)

I ended up cutting large sections to give to various family members and such (after I dug out a large chunk at the top naturally) and look at the innards full of chocolate ganache! And buttercream yummm. This large cupcake was much more moist compared to their normal sized cupcakes which I found to be very dry and unappetising. So hello saturated fat and sugar!

Cupcakes on Pitt
Shop 2, 323-327 Pitt St, Sydney

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