Saturday, June 2, 2012

Campsie Food Festival 2012

Today was the annual Campsie Food Festival, situated on Beamish St in Campsie. I had been anticipating this event for quite a few weeks now ever since I heard about it at the beginning of May.

Walking through the streets with the market stall setup, it reminded me of night life in China where you can hear the calls from each stall where they were trying to sell different goods. There were quite a few stalls that I see every week on Fridays in the Chinatown Night Market.

Black sticky rice with coconut cream, $3.50
This was delicious! The black rice had that slight saltiness and great sticky chewiness without being too soft and gluggy which is what happens when it gets overcooked. And with coconut cream, what's not to like? Anything with coconut in it gets a tick in my books :D

Seafood pancake, $5.00
I know this doesn't look like much, but they had to fold it up to fit it into the box so there was actually three times as much hidden underneath it! I saw the oiliness of the pancake when they were cooking it but did it deter me? No, absolutely not! The pancake itself was packed with octopus, mussels, prawns, and spring onion. The edges were nice and crispy and were really good. The only complaint I would have here would be the middle was slightly undercooked and lacked that crispiness that the edges had, probably from lack of time on the grill. But for $5, it was extremely worth it especially when looking at how much seafood was packed into it!

Classic lemonade, $5.00 for regular
We just had to grab ourselves a cup of fresh lemonade when we saw this stand! The stall itself was really cute as well.

Walnut Slice, $3.00
Well this was a bit pricey, but I have never tried Hungarian pastries before so I was keen to see what it tasted like. It was nice for sure. A little sugar kick from all the walking we were doing!

Beef empanada, $3.00
Something else I've never had. The empanada was filled with potato, beef, and herbs and came with a side of tomato salsa. Tasted like nachos! Only deep fried haha.

Cake pops, 2 for $5.00
Yay cake pops! Sugary chocolate coated cake, as if it wouldn't be delicious.

Takoyaki, 8 for $7
 Takoyaki is always good! These guys sell takoyaki on Friday nights at the Chinatown Night Markets if you're interested (:

Coconut milk with pandan dumplings and jackfruit, $3.50
This was so delicious! Jackfruit is fantastic.

Cannot wait to go back to try many other foods that we didn't get a chance to try this year!

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