Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Sweet Spot, Randwick

K had been talking about this patisserie near UNSW for ages, and she wanted to take fellow sweet tooths T and I there to eat, you guessed it, cake! T is leaving next week for Europe for exchange so we had to catch up before she has to leave. I am honestly so excited for her! The tours she has planned sounds amazing and I can't wait until she comes back and tells us all her exciting adventures.

Both K and I had bought T some early birthday presents for her which she opened on the bus on the way there! I hope she puts the travel journal I got her to good use :D

I immediately took a liking to the interiors of this quaint little cafe! Everything looked so vintage and it was definitely classified as pretty. We couldn't stop ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the cake display and it took us too long to decide which cakes we wanted. The lady working behind the counter was extremely patient though and answered any questions we had to ask. After paying and taking our seats, the cakes were delivered almost immediately and we eagerly tucked into them at once.

Clockwise from left to right: Caprioska $6.90, Caramel Pear & Sticky Date Torte $6.90, Monsoon $6.90
We agreed we would start with the fruity one first which was the Caprioska. It was very easy to eat with layers of lemon-lime mousse, lychee and vanilla sponge all on top of a shortbread biscuit base. It was fluffy and not too sweet and was gone very quickly! Next up was the caramel, pear and sticky date torte. I loved the layers of sticky date pudding, caramel mousse and poached pear. The juicy pear pieces helped break through the richness of the sticky date pudding and caramel sauce! Last up was the devilishly indulgent Monsoon - it even sounds deadly! There were layers of japonaise, feuilletine and espresso mousse which were wrapped in a jaconde sponge and that was all topped with a milk chocolate glaze. There were some unexpected crunchy bits near the bottom of the cake that were reminiscent of Cocoa Pops which I loved as a child.

After finishing these ones, we were tempted by the icecream cakes we saw in the fridge but we restrained ourselves and decided not to be greedy! K bought a cheesecake for her mum and a toffee profiterole to takeaway while I was lured in by the macaron display. I asked what the flavours were and they had me the instant they said "coconut"! I am indeed a lost cause when it comes to coconut. The macaron was quickly scoffed during the walk back to UNSW and I was disappointed that the coconut flavour was too muted but K seemed to enjoy her profiterole. The macaron was the chewier kind if you do prefer that type.

We walked through UNSW to go to the bus stops and K took this chance to take us on the "scenic route" to show her uni off to both us USYD kids! Haha, what a sneaky one. We ended our date at Menya Mappen where I decided not to eat anything as I was eating again in an hour at Jamie's Italian with the boy!

I can't wait to go back and try the ricotta cheesecake that I saw sitting in the counter!

The Sweet Spot
18 Perouse Rd
Randwick, NSW, 2031

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