Monday, July 16, 2012

Mado Cafe, Auburn

After talks of eating this "sticky" Turkish icecream since last year, my friends and I finally ventured out to Auburn to sate our curiosity. We were greeted with warm interiors and comfy looking booths which we had no problem sidling into.

Large mixed dip platter, $14.50
Even though we came for the icecream, we decided that we should fill ourselves up with a bit of proper food first so we ordered the dip plate. It came with homous, cacik, yogurt, carrot and beetroot dip and lovely toasted turkish bread. I particularly enjoyed the carrot dip! Luckily, no need to worry about garlic breath as we all had the same dips! And surely, sweet desserts will mask our not-so-great breaths? ;)

Charred rice pudding, $4.50
I loved the gelatinous and soft texture of this pudding. The dusting of cinnamon gave a wonderful aromatic flavour to the vanilla flavour of the pudding and the pistachios gave this dish that extra crunch.

Various sweets and icecream scoops, $16.00
This dessert came with the 4 different types of baklava and our choice of three icecreams. We had chosen sour cherry, mulberry, and maras. I loved the subtle sweetness of the maras flavour and it definitely was my favourite, followed closely by mulberry which had a hit of flavour and was studded with pieces of frozen mulberries. The icecream does indeed have a stretchy texture and when scooping the icecream with a fork, we could see the tendrils of icecream hanging off our utensils - almost mozzarella like!

Kesme maras, $9.00 (I think?)
This icecream was thick enough to be cut with a knife and could be held onto with a fork! I thought it'd be stickier but the texture was just more dense than normal icecream. It tasted the same as the maras flavour, but it definitely felt denser. But maybe it just felt that way because it was served as a block.

Sitting comfortably in the booth, we talked about everything and nothing before paying - a mere dent in our wallets at $9 each and we were very full! We then hit up Parramatta Westfield to do some shopping, though we probably spent longer inside the pet store ogling the cute cross breed puppies than actual shopping!

I definitely love my uni friends (:

Mado Cafe
63 Auburn Rd
Auburn, NSW, 2144
9643 5299 

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