Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reunion dinner

One of my friends organised a JR reunion dinner at her place on Monday night and I had such a fantastic time! It was so nice to see everyone again and we talked like we saw each other just yesterday. I arrived with F (we were the first ones there!) at 2:30 and T just started feeding us straight away! Her sister had just baked these amazing apple puffs and eating them straight out of the oven is the absolute best. T had also rented a tonne of movies - the girls were in the mood for a good chick flick and I had no complaints rewatching 'This Means War'. Still hilarious the second time round! Chick flicks have gotten so bad in the recent years so it was great Reese Witherspoon stepped back into the picture. Her movies are absolute gold.

There were tonnes of snacks and we all just kept eating! Then her sister brought down the second batch of pastries - raspberry and chocolate, oh my god so good. I spent a lot of time with A as I never get to see her as she's studying in Brisbane and I always miss having her around because she's the best. She left early though, right before we had dinner. Her mum had cooked up a storm as well and T insisted that I ate even though I was already beyond full! And if that wasn't enough, she turned on her chocolate fountain for dessert. Strawberries and marshmallows dipped in melted milk and dark chocolate. Guilty strawberry and guilty marshmallow! Ah Tiffy. Just when I thought that was the last of the food for the day, T brings out a raspberry cheesecake she baked the previous day along with a massive fruit platter! I was literally about the explode! I left with a massive food baby and went straight into a food coma as soon as I hit my bed at home, not even kidding... Woke up looking preggers AHA. It was really lovely to be able to see everyone's faces again and catch up on everything we've missed in each other's lives. Can't wait until we have another reunion!

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