Friday, July 27, 2012

Jamie's Italian, CBD

After lunch at The Sweet Spot with K and T, I met the boy at Wynyard to go to Jamie's Italian! I have heard mixed reviews about this place so I didn't really have high expectations and wanted to see what all the fuss was all about for myself. Even though I had decided to save stomach space for some Italiano food and I only had a small bit of cake, it is still rich and calorie dense all the same so what a decadent day I had indeed!

Even arriving early at 5pm, we were told there was a 10 minute wait before we would be able to be seated. We were given a buzzer and watched them make fresh pasta while we waited. Look at all those different types of pasta they have!

True to their word, we waited around 10 minutes before we were lead upstairs to seats next to the balcony. It definitely was nice being able to see what was happening down below!

Our lovely waitress Lauren told us the house specials of the night and both of us decided to start off with an aromatic lime soda ($4.10). I really had been set on the strawberry and elderflower soda but it was sold out, how disappointing. The lime soda was a nice replacement with it's tart citrus flavour making it a refreshing drink.

Italian bread selection, on the house
You do have to ask the waiter/waitress for the bread selection which consists of focaccia. artisan sourdough, ciabatta and tortano and is drizzled with olive oil and rosemary. We were also given some balsamic vinegar in olive oil to dip our bread in.

Black Angel Spaghetti, $13.00/$21.00
The dishes all came out very fast, in about 5-10 minutes, and all at once! Our tiny table was crammed quite full. We had decided to order the entree sizes as we weren't too hungry. I started with the black angel spaghetti and enjoyed it much more than I expected! To be truthful, I ordered it just because it was black and that interested me haha. The sour little juicy capers burst in the mouth to contrast with the saltiness of the anchovies and squid ink pasta, and really went well with the scallops which were excellent. I really do love scallops. There was a little fiery kick that was left in the mouth from the chilli which I loved as it wasn't the dominant flavour in the dish.

Bucatini Carbonara, $12.00/$19.00
I can't get over the pasta used in this dish! It looked like udon noodles when it first arrived at the table, but when you bite into the pasta, it was hollow inside! So it was like penne pasta, but elongated like spaghetti. Eggs were used in the sauce which made it oh so creamy and the pancetta gave the dish a rich saltiness. So good.

Truffle Tagliatelle, $14.50/$24.00
I think this one had to be my favourite dish of the night! It was described to be a pasta dish with "finely shaved wild black truffles tossed with butter, Parmesan & nutmeg. A real luxury." So was it a real luxury? Yes, I'd say it was. It was amazingly decadent and rich from the butter sauce and I'm so glad that the flavour of the truffles was pronounced enough! I definitely could not stop eating it until it was all gone. And then I was sad.

Jamie's Italian was better than I expected and I really did enjoy all the pasta. To be honest though, I really did go in not expecting fantastic food so that also might contribute to why I was pleasantly surprised.

We ended up at Moochi inside Westfield Sydney (I love my frozen yogurt - could you not tell?) where we got biscotti and pomegranate froyo with, you guessed it, mochi. I think the mochi and biscotti froyo is better at Noggi. The pomegranate flavour tasted just like forest berries though! So this part trumps Noggi. But my loyalty has to lie with Noggi I'm afraid (:

To end the wonderful day, the boy bought me a box of Ferrero Rocher! What a sweetie.

Happy weekend everybody!


Jamie's Italian
107 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
8240 9000

Trading hours
Monday - Saturday: 11:30am - Late
Closed Sundays

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