Friday, July 13, 2012

SparQling, Burwood

Today I caught up with one of my best friends whom I haven't seen in a while. Uni does make it hard to catch up with people when I'm so deeply immersed in work. But I had a great time today, and it really reminded me why I love him so much! I think the waiters and waitresses were getting annoyed because we kept on talking instead of looking at the menu! Though eventually, we did make our choices. I picked the steak sandwich, thinking it'd just be a nice sandwich but when it arrived at the table, it was basically a burger with two meat patties, TWO. Look at it! Not only that, I was not expecting the fries at all. So needless to say, I had a massive lunch indeed. Lucky I had a very light breakfast in anticipation of hanging out with V - he has a very big appetite and we always eat up a storm when we hang out!

Steak sandwich, $15.90
The burger itself was very nice, with fillings of beetroot, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce all served on foccacia bread. It was very fat and extremely messy to eat! Very unflattering and I would not recommend ordering this on dates - it is definitely not pretty to eat even though it did taste good! I also bumped into one of my architecture friends, V, who was also having lunch here!

Even though I was completely stuffed, V dragged me to Strathfield to get Noggi as they have a special flavour these two days - blood orange. Boy am I glad I tried that as it was so good! I'm still thinking about it right now actually... While ordering, I saw S from my primary school! We had a quick chat before she went back to her friends with extra seats as Noggi is always extremely packed.

I'm amazed at how quickly the time passed. We talked for 3 hours non-stop basically, while eating so I definitely enjoyed myself today (:

I was so full I had to go on an one hour run to elate myself of my bloatedness! Which reminds me of how unfit I am... I definitely have to pick up my game!

On another note, I blew $170 on a trench coat. IN MY DEFENSE, it was an extremely beautiful trench coat and is everything I have been looking for in a coat! I am going to wear it everywhere to make it worth it. Hope it lasts me for many many years to come because I am really going to weasel every last cent out of it! I really do need to do a haul post of all the clothes I've bought recently...

Anyway, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning to go to Paddy's Markets in Flemington for vegetables! So I should probably go to sleep now - at least attempt to anyway haha.

Happy weekend everyone!


SparQling Pizza and Grill
126 Burwood Rd
Burwood, NSW, 2134
9715 7730

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