Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A long day out

I was out from 9:30 this morning until basically 10:30. So it was indeed a long day out! Originally, M made plans for CM, A and I as he's down in Sydney for uni break before heading up to Townsville again really soon. So it was intended as a quick lunch as CM has already started uni (sucked in UNSW kids) and he had class from 3-5 in the afternoon. We had decided to eat at New Shanghai in Chatswood Chase as I had really been craving sheng jian bao (pan fried pork buns) and nian gao (rice cakes) and boy am I glad we went! The sheng jian bao had nice crispy bottoms and soupy innards! The xiao long bao were also good and at the high standard to what I normally expect when eating xiao long bao because I do eat them a lot as I am Shanghainese. I also really enjoyed the XO sauce stir-fried rice cakes and lamb and leek dumplings as well. The food here is really good so I definitely recommend! It was great talking to M, A and CM and it reminds me how much I missed them all.

Since A is leaving for Melbourne tomorrow, we decided to gatecrash her dinner with F, B and W in Strathfield so we could squeeze in that little extra time to hang out and chill! I told them I'd meet them in Strathfield after I picked up my paintings from uni. First thing we did after we all met up was go to Noggi and I saw that they still had the blood orange flavour! I was really excited and ordered a multi with biscotti and blood orange. The guy working at the counter (I swear he recognises me because I go so often and I always see him working there...) was like "Are you sure a multi is enough for the 6 of you?" And I laughed because we probably would demolish it pretty fast. We broke M's froyo virginity and he absolutely loved the biscotti and mochi so that was a good sign! After chatting in Noggi for a while, F wanted "man food" (ie MEAT) so we left in search of a Korean restaurant - easy peasy as Strathfield is K-TOWN. We just went into any one that looked alright because they all seemed similar and settled right in. Us girls weren't that hungry so we ordered a mushroom bibimbap in an attempt to get our vegetable nutrition in for the day. Though the food wasn't as important as talking throughout the night and I honestly have not laughed this much in one night in quite some time. I've forgotten how funny these boys are and I really do enjoy their company! Pity I don't see them more, really. Seriously, I do not even know how half these things came up about the queen and cockroaches for goodness sake! Everything was for a laugh though so it was all alright (:

M drove A, CM and I home so thank you for the lift! And thank you A for the lovely present - can't wait to use these cookie recipes! :D


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