Friday, May 11, 2012

tie me up

I would just like to say that I absolutely adore ankle boots. So when I first spotted the Siren Damsel heels, I fell in love. Despite looking like the Jeffrey Campbell Litas, I still wanted a pair of Sirens to call my own. However, selling at $169.95 at retail stores, I was a bit hesitant at buying them because I had just recently splurged $160 on my Litas and the Siren Damsels are quite similar in style though I would say more smart casual. Whereas the Litas would be a rebellious grunge girl, the Damsel would be her posh sister who likes to sip champagne. Fast forward a couple of months and I spotted these on sale at The Iconic for $118. Needless to say, I quickly nabbed myself the last pair left on the website on impulse at 2am in the morning because I had a voucher for $25 off! So at $93, it was a bargain compared to the original price.

Let me just have this chance to rave about how good the Iconic is! Not only did they have a sale for these shoes when absolutely no other stores do, shipping is free and I got these the next business day! I ordered on a Sunday and got them Tuesday morning. If that's not fast postage, I don't know what is. In response to these shoes, they look fantastic on! Though word of warning, these are a small make. Normally I fit a size 6 comfortably but these were quite tight. But I suppose they will stretch as it's leather so I'll just have to break these in.

I don't even know what's with me and high heels. I buy so many pairs and I don't have any occassions to wear these beauties! I keep telling myself I will wear them in the distant future haha. And now I have such a large collection of shoes that I'm actually finding it hard to have anywhere to store them! Well, as soon as I move out, I know I have to have a walk in wardrobe to fit everything in...

So tell me, are any of you guys shoeholics? ;)

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