Saturday, May 26, 2012

breakfast frittata in toast

This morning, I was craving a delicious breakfast. I had a lot of leftover vegetable fillings from my dad's sandwich shop that I definitely wanted to use so I somehow wanted to combine them together and what better way to bind things together than making an omelette? But I didn't have an egg ring so I made do with the crust of some wholemeal bread!

I suppose it doesn't really count as an omelette anymore... More like a frittata haha. I beat an egg with a dash of milk and parmesan cheese, poured it into my crust ring, and added in red onion, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, and some chicken. This was cooked on low heat until the base was brown the flipped over to cook the other side. The end result? Delicious ;) Didn't even need to add salt because all the vegetables had their own flavours!

And nothing is better than some hot lemon honey tea on a cold winter's morning!

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