Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY studded iPhone 5 case

Sorry I haven't been blogging as of late! I had a horrible weekend where our electricity completely died in our area. The worst part was not killing the power to my computer when I was working on my portfolio BUT the fact that absolutely NOTHING was recovered and THE FILES WERE ABSOLUTELY GONE DESPITE HAVING SAVED THEM. So I have been pulling allnighters for days on end until today which was the due date of my Communications portfolio worth 50%. All I can say is at least I managed to scrape it all together.

On a brighter note, I've hit 6000 views on my blog! I just want to thank each and every one of you readers or passer bys by taking the time to have a read :D I love you all!

So anyway, I've been wanting to create a DIY case for ages! I've loved the studded cases I've seen that have soared into popularity recently. However, the prices for these cases are not as friendly. Instead, I bought a matte white plastic case off of eBay which costed $1.00 and a pack of 100 8mm rivet studs for $1.25 so the total cost to make this costed less than two gold coins ;)

The original studs have rivets on all four edges. You're going to want to get these ones as opposed to the ones which have flat edges. If you get the flat edged studs, the glue with have to go on the edges and as you place them down on your case, the glue is going to ooze out from the edges and go everywhere so I'd definitely recommend using rivet studs.

Using a pair of tweezers, fold down the rivets into the middle so they look like the picture above. I used UHU All Purpose Adhesive because I have tonnes of it lying around (it's the glue I use to make my models) but I'm sure super glue will work okay. To make sure you glue your studs on straight, put double-sided tape on the back of an old card that you don't need and stick it to the case so that you can line up your studs as you glue them down. Once the bottom line of studs are glued on, you'll want to line the card up on the other edge and glue down the studs on that side as well so that it forms a right angle of studs. Then you can just fill in in between these two lines your remaining studs (:

And there you have it. A studded iPhone case! Super easy, super quick and super cheap ;)

If you try this, link me or send me some photos so I can see how yours turned out!

Happy Wednesday everyone!