Monday, November 5, 2012

Holy Basil, CBD

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately! Too many assessments all catching up to me. Good news is I only have one left and then I am free! Until summer school anyway. That still gives me a bit more than a month for a break (:

Today after handing in our museum guides for studio, a group of friends and I all decided to go out for lunch. They all had a fantastic experience at Holy Basil so they were up for another trip there to try this apparently awesome avocado shake - something of great curiosity to me and I really wanted to try!

Holy Basil is located in an unassuming location on top of the Shark Hotel, so hidden it was! And check out that awesome 3D nose. The interiors were actually quite nicely decorated with dim lighting. Something I didn't expect as this used to be the location of a club which closed down. We were seated immediately and the restaurant was relatively quiet despite being lunch hour.

Lychee shake and avocado shake, $6.50 each
My, my, my was that avocado shake good! For some reason after avocado has been blended with icecream and sugar, the resulting flavour was surprisingly reminiscent of pandan. I just knew it was amazingly creamy, decadent, and of course delicious. The lychee shake tasted like fresh lychees and was very refreshing on a hot day like this.

Chicken pad see ew, $12.90
I love flat noodles and this dish was definitely one of the better ones I've had in Sydney! The sauce wasn't too heavy and the noodles had been tossed in the wok just long enough so there's that distinct smoky flavour without going overboard into burnt tasting which is the worst!

Holy Basil Fried Ice Cream, $13.90
Let's be honest, this is what we were really looking forward to. A creamy vanilla icecream encased in phyllo pastry that has been deep-fried! There were so many layers of phyllo pastry that were layered on with evaporated milk in between to create a flaky exterior. So different from the typical floury batter on the outside. This one provided a beautiful crunch and went wonderfully with the caramel that had been drizzled onto the plate as well as the coconut, dried fruit and nut muesli.

Next time I go, I'm ordering the fish with mango salad! It looked awesome on the other end of the table and I definitely had some food envy after trying a small piece with the salad that originally looked like a mountain covering the huge fish!

My only complaint would be that the service wasn't too friendly. When we asked for the bill at the end of our meal, the waitress just stared at us before snapping that they didn't print receipts. She didn't even try to help or offer any other options! We were shocked that they didn't cater this simple request that is common everywhere else. So we proceeded to look through the menu to figure out what everyone ordered as we had a large group of 10. Halfway through sorting everything out, another waitress comes by and gives us the receipt. At least she was decent enough to consider how annoying it was to look up the costs of individual dishes. Pity the rude service dented what would have been a lovely lunch.

Holy Basil
Shark Hotel 127 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000

Opening Hours
Lunch Hours: 12:00-3:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm-12:00midnight

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  1. Oh that's great that they've got one a bit closer to us! Thanks for the heads up! :D

    1. You should definitely go - I'm pretty in love with the avocado shake!