Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zumbaron Day 2012

It's that time of year again! Once called Macaron Day, it has now been given an update and is officially "Zumbaron Day".

Deep-fried macarons, $5.00 each
Left to right: pork pelly, hamburger, duck pancake, fried chicken, custard fritters, fried doughnut
Pork Belly: It was like a char siu bun! Except with a macaron that had a slice of char siu sandwiched in the middle.
Hamburger: This was surprisingly interesting with a piece of "meat" in the middle. I liked it!
Duck Pancake: Oh my god, this was awesome! It had a wrapping of pancake on the outside and there was actual duck meat inside! My sister said she saw ducks hanging up in the Zumbo store for these macarons that were made to order. It tasted exactly like a duck pancake, down to the hoisin sauce!
Fried Chicken: THE BATTER ON THE OUTSIDE WAS SO GOOD AND CRUNCHY. I didn't expect it to taste that great, but it really was!
Custard Fritters: Yum.
Fried Doughnut: Had a dollop of jam in the middle that made it like a deep-fried jam doughnut!

They've upped the anti with their packaging this year! These macarons were $2.50 each.

Left to right: 2 x toasted marshmallow, salted butter popcorn, rice pudding, pecan danish, pear pistachio & fennel, peanut caramel, palm sugar & coconut, olive oil & salted truffle, cola, choc marshmallow pop, carrot cake

Vanilla vavoom, $2.50
Very vanilla-y.

Choc marshmallow pop, $2.50
It's a macaron on a stick! Ah, so entertained by novelty objects.

Well these macarons are going to last me through the weekend so that I can survive the allnighters I'm going to have to pull to get my studio project finished by Monday when I have my presentation that is worth FIFTY PERCENT.

Time for a sugar high! Go ahead and Zumbaron your day :D

Happy weekend everyone xx


  1. OMG those flavours sound crazy brilliant! I wish I was there ....

    1. I really wasn't expecting the savoury ones to be that good, but they were amazing on so many different levels! You should definitely go next year to try some of his wacky flavours :D