Wednesday, October 3, 2012

finally mine!

After dealing with a horrible relationship between this phone and I...

I finally upgraded to the new iPhone 5! Oh how I missed my first iPhone after it died on me and I've dreamed about the iPhone 5 ever since the disappointing launch of the 4S. So I finally treated myself to this prettyful. Isn't it beautiful?

I cannot wait to chuck away the other piece of s*&% and use this one! Especially the panorama function.

I cannot get over how gorgeous that white is. Haha, I'm swooning over a phone.

Happy Wednesday everybody!


  1. How exciting! How are you finding ios6? I've heard mixed reviews and getting the new one hinges on that for me :) BTW love the white!

    1. I don't know how it'd compare to the the ios6 because I haven't had any experiences with the iPhone 4/4S! I have heard that those who have previous iPhone models and have upgraded to the new ios have had some issues but I'm not too sure myself. So far I'm finding it quite easy to navigate - Siri actually works now as opposed to when it first came out! And the internet connection and download speed is so incredibly fast! I have noticed I only get one to two reception bars inside my house but it doesn't seem to affect my calls or when I'm messaging... Not sure if it's my company's issue or one with the iPhone 5, but asides from that there hasn't been any issues for me using ios6! Definitely an upgrade from my glitchy Nokia :) The white is gorgeous isn't it? :D