Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ZenQ Desserts, CBD

Spent early afternoon tramping around Cockatoo Island with the boy trying to get photos for my studio project which is actually due very soon... Crap. But trying not to think about that... I wasted time until mid afternoon with the boy. I was going to buy some macarons from Laduree but the line was so incredibly long. What are people doing at 2:30 anyway?! So I suppose I will have to wait until next time.

I met up with A, F and M for an afternoon dessert snack! Since A is back from Melbourne for a short few days and F is also leaving for Adelaide once again this weekend. But gee, I really ought to cut down on some of that sugar. But it really was delicious sugar! I love Asian desserts because of all the chewy extras that we can add in.

Coconut sago with taro, $6.80
Ok, this really does not look too appetising. It really just looks like a pool of white... But the taro pieces were really deliciously sweet and the coconut sago was amazing! Though to be honest, it's really hard to mess coconut sago up unless you dilute it waaay too much...

Red bean soup with ZenQ signature Q balls and pearls, $6.50 + jelly cake, $0.60 + sweet potato, $0.60
This was a bowl full of chewy goodness! The Q balls were apparently sweet potato, taro and matcha flavoured. I could taste the difference between the three, but I couldn't really tell they were these specific flavours... But they were really good regardless. The jelly cakes were slippery suckers and the sweet potato was also extra sweet as it had been marinated in honey.

The honey toasts looked amazing as they were being brought out for other tables - I know what I'm ordering next time! They also have a lot of $5.50 afternoon specials which we somehow missed after zooming in straight for the menu... If we had only gotten the red bean sago that was on the specials menu! Oh well.

I love how we can so easily talk about nothing and everything for almost 3 hours straight and it still felt like no time had passed whatsoever. I really do miss having all of you here constantly to talk to whenever I want and it really was wonderful being able to catch up with you girls again and can't wait until summer break!

ZenQ Desserts
181/569 George St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
9267 9880


  1. I love Asian desserts too! In fact I'm having one tonight hehe :P Catching up with girlfriends is the best isn't it? :)

    1. It's those chewy pearls that have me addicted! Don't you agree? (: I definitely think it's the best - I love long days spent talking to my girlfriends! Time passes much too quickly though :(