Tuesday, September 18, 2012

pre-order excitement

Quick blog post while I procrastinate from uni work. I have a 50% portfolio due tomorrow along with another 40% presentation on Thursday! I've been almost delirious from lack of sleep - living on about 3 hours a night at the moment. My entire cohort are exhausted from all this work! I cannot wait for Thursday night. I might even just sleep all weekend - Sleeping Beauty style ;)

Anyway, on a bright note, I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 on Virgin! I've been with the company for so many years now and the free texts and calls Virgin to Virgin are definitely worth it. But happy days! I will finally have a new phone at the latest by next week! My Nokia is almost unusable... Every time I lock it, the screen will go weird on me and to be able to see things on the screen, I have to restart the phone. Plus I really hate how it runs on Simbian. So I think that really does call for a new one. I'm getting it in white which is super exciting. I cannot wait to download a whole tonne of fitness apps to use on it :D

Hello sexy iPhone!
Also been watching X-Factor whilst drawing up diagrams for our presentation. I love the super group the judges created this year! And the rapper is pretty damn awesome. I'm in love with his tattoo HAHA. But seriously, I can't believe they called themselves "The Collective".


THE COLLECTIVE. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?! What surprises me even more was that people voted for this name and it was the most popular. Really is not a catchy band name. But they do sound amazing ♥

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the biggest fangirls out, for almost everything. Especially The Vampire Diaries which is coming back soon which I am super excited about! I have missed the cast's hotness in my life.

Time to get back to working - definitely no fun :( See you all on the other side! (Which really isn't because I have to spend all of mid-sem break catching up on other units...)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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