Monday, September 24, 2012

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

Been wanting to come here for ages ever since I heard it opened! I was very sad about the closing down of Cafe Ish as I never managed to go there to try their crab omelette but after I heard about this, I was very excited.

Bounty milkshake, $7.00
This milkshake was so deliciously thick and rich with coconut macaroon ice cream, coconut milk and chocolate sauce. I wish it was served more cold though. Then it would've been perfect! It also came with the canister which had even more of the milkshake in it! Talk about excess :D And digging around the bottom, we were rewarded with big chunks of unblended chocolate. Yuuuuum. I was pretty full from sucking down most of this milkshake because it was just THAT rich!

Bounty milkshake & rockn road milkshake, $7.00 each
The boy ordered a rockn road milkshake which had coconut macaroon ice cream, chocolate sauce, red racer syrup and coconut milk. I liked my choice better to be honest ;) The boy wanted the Lime Time milkshake but they sold out unfortunately :( Devastated because it really did sound delicious. Reminds me of Splice icecream which I absolutely adore.

Crab and cone, $14.00
It was the middle of the afternoon and we wanted to try various things so we weren't quite ready to commit to their large serving of legendary crab omelette. Therefore we got the smaller version - how cute is the cone of chips? Soft shelled crab is always a winner in my books. I really could eat it all the time. It went surprisingly well with the avocado and the flavours from the shallots, garlic, chilli, soy and ginger really made this dish super delicious. A squeeze of lime and I was off like mmm...

Bacon cheeseburger, $6.00
The boy ordered the bacon cheeseburger because he couldn't resist the cheap price. Didn't try this but he scoffed it down pretty damn quick and was apparently pretty yum.

Ais freaking awesome chicken wings, $13.00
Hello deep-fried goodness! Ah, these plans of eating clean with less carbs really isn't working for me is it... It is worth it though for these wings of tastiness! We asked what sauce would be recommended as tonnes of the food bloggers around have been going for the crab sauce, but apparently the vinegar and shallot sauce is better so vinegar and shallot it was! And boy was I glad we got this sauce! My sister preferred the crab sauce that was on the omelette but I totally fell in love with this one. Perfect amount of sweet and sour - it didn't even need the lime that was provided on the side! Think I preferred the chicken over the omelette.

The main reason we went to Redfern was because my sister wanted to go formal shopping and there was this amazing formal store in Redfern where I had bought my formal dress was amazingly cheap! Unfortunately, they closed down so she felt as though she was in a bit of strife. Instead, we decided to hit up Birkenhead Point, and we really thought we had to speed through all the stores there because it was a quarter to 5 when we arrived and shops closed at 5:30! Turns out we needn't have worried because we are indeed speedy shoppers and made rounds of the entire outlet in about half an hour. Efficient much? But we still didn't find anything so guess she has to find luck elsewhere...

Last minute decision to stop by at Pasticceria Papa in Haberfield for their famous ricotta baked cheesecake before my boyfriend chaffeured my sister home! I shall make a post about this tomorrow after I take it out of the fridge to devour muahaha.

After my sister went home, the boy still had a couple of hours before he went off to train with his team, so why not go for some froyo?

Small peanut butter froyo, $4.50 with mango pearls and crumble, $1.00 per topping
Wowcow is definitely not on the cheap side in terms of froyo. Noggi prices are better for their froyo sizing, as well as their toppings which come down to 50c per topping. Whereas I normally love peanut butter to bits, this flavour didn't quite appeal to me. It reminds me of those Asian peanut flavoured desserts which I am not too big of a fan of. And it didn't quite suit the yogurt I thought...

Oh well, their napkins sure are cute!

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
105 Regent St
Redfern, NSW, 2016

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 6:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday, Sunday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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