Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chefs Gallery, Sydney CBD

Been keeping busy catching up with friends this past week. Last night was no different where we hit up Mizuya's happy hour (3pm-7pm) for some pre-dinner drinks before eating (:

Clockwise from back right: Hanabi (usually $13.00), Toblerone (usually $11.00), Sex on the beach (usually $13.00), $10.00 during Happy Hour
Mm, the Toblerone was really good - but definitely the ugliest out of the three! Just goes to prove that we shouldn't judge anything by how it looks. We scooped at it with spoons :P Bailey's definitely hits the spot. Though the honey at the bottom hardened because of how cold the drink was... The Hanabi was a good combination of sweet and slightly tart with vodka, peach liquor, blue curacao, peach syrup, apple juice and lemon juice. Sex on the beach was pretty standard - a mix of vodka, peach liquor, orange juice and cranberry juice. It was then time to leave for our dinner at Chef's Gallery.

Prawn and pork wonton noodles in a Shanghainese style spicy sauce, $13.50
I love the texture of the noodles at Chef's Gallery because they make them fresh every day. The texture is pretty amazing. The wontons were definitely be one of the best I've had out. The skin wasn't made of the usual egg and flour mixture, but instead was of the translucent rice kind. The prawn and pork innards were deliciously seasoned too. Loved the spicy sauce which gave the dish a light kick.

Shredded Peking duck with cucumber an hoisin sauce rolled inside a fluffy Chinese roti, $15.90
Had some pretty high expectations for the Peking duck roti because I love Peking duck and I love roti so I definitely was expecting something spectacular if they were modernising the traditional Peking duck pancakes. I was not disappointed! The hoisin sauce was spot on and was loving the duck rolled in the roti.

New Macanese style mini burger, $13.90
Aren't these mini burgers the cutest? The bun itself was deep-fried to a gorgeous golden brown and was so incredibly crispy... It did ooze a fair bit of oil when bitten into - definitely not good for my arteries but who can complain when it tasted so good? A small slice of pork, sprinkling of pork floss, and topped with lettuce and mayo, hardly anything could go wrong with this combination!

Tears of joy, $12.50
We ended the night at Adriano Zumbo. I think I come here too often... But I was lured in by his Tears of Joy cake which was only available for a limited time of 2 weeks or until sold out!! So yep, bought it. Ate it. Was super delicious... Cake got slightly smushed when I swung my bag around...

Look at all those intense layers! Encased inside the white glaze and chantilly caramel, there is coconut kalamansi creme, tempered chocolate disk, coffee brulee, raspberry gel, hazelnut dacquoise, more coconut kalamansi creme, and more tempered chocolate disk, salted toffee, hazelnut lime feuilletine and hazel dacquoise with white choc backing. So many!!

I think I ought to frequent Zumbo's less often...

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  1. What an epic cake! And I have had one of those burgers before and it was a bit too greasy for me :(

    1. The cake was epic indeed :D You can always trust Adriano Zumbo to come up with intense and wacky desserts can't you? :P I did think it was a bit too oily, but it definitely tasted good! If there was only a way to somehow soak out all that oil from the bun...

  2. Have to agree - love the noodles at chef's gallery. Always spot on and delicious!! I haven't tried many of zumbo's cake.. too scared to with all that sugar! hahaha

    1. Fresh handmade noodles are just so much better, don't you agree? :) I think I'm a little bit of a sugar fiend... Must stop! It's almost an addiction :P I think his v8 cakes are definitely work trying! Though it is best shared haha.

  3. So jealous of that Zumbo cake, it looks gorgeous! Probably a nightmare to attempt in the kitchen though...

    1. I can't begin to even imagine how hectic my kitchen would look if I ever attempted it... I think I shall settle for buying his cakes for now :P