Thursday, January 3, 2013

BLACK by Ezard, Pyrmont

Oh dear I am quite horrible at this blogging thing. I haven't made a post in far too long! In between working, festive AND new year celebrations, I haven't had a chance to make any posts about the yummy food I've been nomming on! I guess I'll start with the wonderful meal I was taken out to today (thank you!) to celebrate recent happiness.

Upon seating, a complimentary loaf of brioche was brought out. I've seen it being blogged everywhere and everyone mentioned how small and cute it was, but I definitely did not expect it to be as small as it was! It was about the size of a softdrink can! It looked so much bigger in photos... And even in mine, you can't tell how small and cute it really is. But onto the brioche loaf itself, it was so soft and buttery like a croissant but not as sweet. Despite the oil sitting on your fingers, you can't help but lather on some more butter and sprinkling on some volcanic sea salt. Yum. Service was extremely friendly and they asked if we wanted an extra loaf of brioche as soon as they noticed we finished ours. Not wanting to fill up on bread, we shook our heads as we anticipated for the dishes to come!

Grapefruit mocktail, $13.00
We quickly picked out starters and mains and I was surprised at how the the dishes came out in no time at all! I started off with this grapefruit mocktail which had a zing of lime and elderflower which I found very refreshing. I know grapefruit isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I myself really do love this fruit so this mocktail was right up my alleyway!

Organic farm egg, $25.00
I've heard great things about the organic farm egg and it was a dish I was definitely excited to try. I noticed that they've changed it and it no longer has the shavings of black truffle on top. Shame because I really do love truffle. But excluding that, it was like a fancy breakfast. The soft boiled egg with its runny told was encased by a wonderful crisp pastry. Together with the salty prosciutto, the flavoursome potato cream and iberico jamon, I really enjoyed this dish and it was a great start to our dinner!

Oxtail, $27.00
The other starter we chose was the oxtail which had been caramelised so there was a delightful crunchy skin surrounding the tender meat which fell apart when I prodded it with my fork. The biggest surprise was the sichuan peppered enoki, chive and taro salad which was topped with a mushroom soil. I didn't expect it to have such a depth in flavour, which was mostly from the mushroom soil, and the crunchy taro pieces were a welcome surprise!

Handmade potato gnocchi, $29.00
Gnocchi is something I've actually never tried before despite being curious about it for the longest of times. It was chewier than I expected because I've heard it to be described as soft pillow clouds somewhere. Though I'm not complaining about chewiness because I am a fan of chewy Asian desserts (: I was hoping for a stronger spinach flavour in the spinach cream but the parmesan cheese provided enough flavour. Overall a pleasant dish.

Lamb rack, $48.00
Oh my, look at that pink lamb! This definitely outshone the gnocchi. The lamb was cooked to a perfect medium rare and the mustard, herb and black olive crust and the roasted garlic sauce, it was just divine. It paired very well with the creamy Jerusalem artichokes and watercress salad!

Chocolate, $23.00
We ended the night with a rich chocolate dessert. Our waitress poured on the warm ganache as soon as it hit the table! I was upset I didn't get to capture the perfect sphere that was our dessert before the ganache was poured on and melted the ball :( Oh well. The chocolate sphere encased a peanut butter mousse and dulce leche icecream which was okay on their own BUT tasted amazing when all the elements were combined together. This dessert definitely tipped me over the edge into almost food coma territory.

We were all smiles as we left The Star to nurse our full stomachs. Celebratory dinners definitely make happy days.

BLACK by Ezard
80 Pyrmont St
Sydney, NSW, 2009
9657 9109

Opening Hours
Lunch Wednesday - Friday: 12:00 - 3:00pm
Dinner Tuesday - Sunday: 5:30 - 11:00pm

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  1. Ooooh I am loving all the dishes you ordered. I am very intrigued by the flavours and combinations. This is going on my to go list!~

    1. I had a lovely meal and I definitely loved the flavour combinations! Definitely recommend this restaurant :D

  2. I absolutely loved the steak that I had there! Oh and that cute lil brioche too! :P

    1. I've heard that they cook their steaks excellently (: The lamb we ordered was definitely cooked to perfection! I definitely enjoyed that brioche a little too much :P