Wednesday, November 7, 2012

N2 Extreme Gelato, Chinatown

Is anyone up for EXTREME gelato? What makes it so extreme you ask? Well, the answer to this question, my dear readers, IS THAT THEY USE LIQUID NITROGEN!

Check out the smoking from the liquid nitrogen!
I definitely felt like I walked into a science lab because the worker's all wear lab coats and goggles - I guess that'd be pretty standard because you don't want any freeze burns from working in a gelato store! Pretty sure they don't get occupational hazards considered in their pay ;) But they do get to play with liquid nitrogen! That's a plus, right?

I love the flow chart of flavours as well. Just makes everything seem all the more science-y. Definitely not a word, but I digress.

Seeing the flavour archive made me long for mooncake. MOONCAKE! And so many of them sound so interesting and definitely seem like they are worth trying.

L to R: blueberry chessecake, and salted popcorn, $6.00 each
The gelato was really smooth and creamy and tasted amazing! The winner was definitely the salted popcorn, but that didn't mean the blueberry one wasn't nice because it definitely was. The salted popcorn just won my heart this round with it's subtle buttery flavour and chewy popcorn bits scattered throughout. There was a helluva lot of gelato in those cups and by the end, my sister and I were feeling pretty full (we had coconut froyo right before coming here). Something to note was that it melts much quicker than normal gelato! I think it's got to do with the liquid nitrogen freezing the gelato differently from normal ice cream machines so there you go. Not a big deal.

Bring back the mooncake for the mooncake fanatic that I am to try! I think what I love most about mooncake has to be the duck yolk...

If you guys want to try out liquid nitrogen gelato in Sydney, you now know where to go (:

N2 Extreme Gelato
43/1 Dixon St
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Opening Hours
Daily 2:00 - 11:00pm

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  1. I can't believe I still haven't made my way here! I do here the gelato is average, but the concept is very, very cool

    1. The concept is very cool indeed! It's definitely one of those things you have to experience haha (: I really did enjoy the salted popcorn gelato though :D

  2. I've been wanting to go here for ages! But you know what sold me? Mooncake ice cream! :D

    1. I know! How unfortunate the flavour was not on rotation when I was there :( Hope you get better luck when you go! :D