Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cowbell 808, Surry Hills

If there's one thing better than eating, it's eating after you've handed in your last university submission for the year! Now I am completely allowed to be in holiday mode without any guilt whatsoever. To celebrate the completion of assessments, the boy and I went to satisfy my pancake cravings at Cowbell 808. He wasn't too happy about the long, long walk from the University of Sydney to Bourke St at all - but work off the excess calories before we consume a whole tonne I say!


Cowbell 808 is a cafe located in the quaint residential side of Bourke St, where terraces seem to be the main form of housing. I'm completely digging the retro setup they have going on.

Yes, you see right - there's a basketball hoop in the cafe! I wonder if they would object if I brought in my own basketball... ;)
Service was very friendly and water was poured for us while we pursued the short yet concise menu. I pretty much wanted to devour the entire thing! Everything sounded lovely. But we all know that I wanted one thing and one thing only - pancakes! Or, in Cowbell 808's case, ricotta hotcakes!

Milk shake with house-made coconut icecream, $6.50
I think you all know that I am utterly powerless against anything coconut mentioned on the menu and I needed no urging from the boy when I heard coconut! It definitely had that strong coconut flavour I was looking forward to and was very refreshing after our very long walk.

Fat stacked hotcakes, $14.00
My, my, my these ricotta hotcakes were luscious. A stack of two extremely fat hotcakes with mascarpone in the middle - how can it in any way not scream pleasure? Creamy from the ricotta and oh so soft that they melted in the mouth. The icecream just made things even more decadent. Though I was hoping for a more distinct bacon flavour - definitely not the powerful hit that I was expecting! I think this dish would've benefited more from maple syrup as opposed to the espresso syrup that they use. That may just be because I'm not the biggest fan of coffee BUT I am a huge maple syrup fiend ;)

Sucuk baked eggs, $17.00
The boy went for the baked eggs with braised cherry tomatoes, spicy beef sausage, flatbread and labneh. This dish was definitely not shy about flavour. The eggs were cooked perfectly, still with a soft oozy yolk and sat in a cherry tomato sauce that was strong in a variety of spices. For those of you who don't know what labneh is, it is a yogurt that has been strained to rid of the whey and it really did complete the dish, adding that creamy element to tone down on the spices and gave a wonderful richness on tongue. The toasted flatbread was great to dip in the Spanish-inspired flavour profile of the sauce.

Graffiti murals anyone?
Cowbell 808 definitely warrants a return visit! The coconut yogurt with grilled banana and lime is calling my name ;) Plus I spotted chocolate frownies on the way out - yep, not brownies, but frownies as they are flourless. Too bad I was very full already.

For the rest of the day, I dragged the boy shopping and also for another along walk to Cafe Cre Asion so stay tuned for an upcoming post about macarons and a shopping haul! I managed to spend an entire day's of my work pay today. Yes, in one day. It really happened. I need to learn how to save my money. I guess I really was in a celebratory mood because I've officially finished second year uni and I haven't bought anything for a while now so I deserved some sort of a treat (:

Hope everyone's having a wonderful week so far - happy Tuesday!

Cowbell 808
616 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Sydney, NSW, 2000
9698 5044

Opening hours
Open 7 days 7:00am - 4:00pm

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