Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kuaizi, CBD

Today my baby sister celebrated her birthday and officially entered the world of adulthood - she is now eighteen! Groupon had some coupon deals for Kuaizi a while ago - high tea for two for only $39! It promised that there were going to be tiers with Asian fusion twists, a glass of bubbly each, selection from three high tea menus, dainty sweets like cupcakes, assorted danish pastries and fruits. This coupon was supposed to be valued at $112 so my sister and I were definitely excited about having a girly afternoon sipping tea and champagne.

We weren't quite sure if they were actually open yet when we first arrived as no one was there to greet us so we hesitantly wandered in, not sure if we were going to get kicked out. Turns out they were open and they allowed us to pick a seat anywhere we like as the restaurant was quite empty. Upon showing them my voucher, we were given tea menus to pursue.

The waitress informed us that we could choose one from three types of sandwiches: prawn and mixed herb with thousand island dressing, belly ham and pear with yogurt, or spicy tuna and baby rocket with creme fresh. I allowed the birthday girl to choose and she went with prawn. Despite the website saying that there were three different menus, the waitress informed us that everything else on the tiers were exactly the same and only the sandwiches differed. So we shrugged and put our orders in for the tea and sandwiches.

We heard the pop of the champagne cork and that quickly arrived at our table. Cheers!

Champagne, english breakfast tea, and jasmine green tea
My sister's English Breakfast came with a little jug of milk, and both our teas came with a packet of sugar. I don't see why green tea would need sugar, so I gave it to my sister to use for hers. Aren't the teapots and teacups pretty? (: They used prepacked teabags as opposed to loose leaf but they weren't bad considering.

We clapped our hands in glee as our stand arrived at our table.

We started with the sandwiches. There were two types, our prawn with thousand island dressing which was pretty nice - it really reminded me of the seafood Subway for some reason. The second one was a tomato, cheese and rocket sandwich which is always nice.

Then we moved onto the scones! Definitely not made on the premises and pretty sure they were pre-bought and then warmed up in the kitchen. Despite that, they were still fluffy and not stodgy and dry like ones I've bought from Woolworths. They were sort of like a fluffier version of a bread roll. Well, after we lathered it with jam and the sweet whipped cream, it tasted pretty good. Mind you, nowhere near as good as the house-made jam and whipped cream from when I had afternoon tea at the Tea Room in the QVB! But they were pretty damn excellent.

Hello cuppycakies! There was a chocolate cupcake with cookies and cream icing, and also a vanilla one with sprinkles. Why do I feel as though I've seen these somewhere before? They remind me of the cupcakes I've had from Coles both in flavour and texture, hm.

L to R: chocolate mud brownie, caramel brownies, cookies and cream brownie
By this stage we were both extremely full and looking at these three extremely rich looking brownies, we felt slightly deterred. After a little break, we ploughed on to attack these three. Which were all very, very sweet indeed! And we suspected right - EXTREMELY rich.

Thank goodness we had some fruit at the very end. It really did feel refreshing after that tier of sweets and it felt like it was needed.

However, by this stage, I was wondering: where are the Asian fusion twists on the high tea that was promised?!

My sister enjoyed her first high tea experience which was definitely nice. Though next time I'd definitely take her to an even nicer place (: At $20 per person, this was definitely cheap and quite worth it and we both left extremely satiated and happy. However, at the normal price of $45 per person (which is more than the Tea Room!), I don't think I would be willing to pay that much for the quality of the tea and food that was served to us.

Kuaizi Modern Fusion Cuisine
1-325 Sussex St
Sydney, 2000, NSW
9283 8825

Opening Hours
Open 7 days
Lunch: 12:00 - 3:00pm
High Tea: 12:00 - 6:00pm
Dinner: 6:00 - 10:00pm

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  1. It looks ok for $20 per person but I'm with you, where were the Asian twists? :)

  2. It would've definitely been interesting with Asian twists! I would've liked to see how that was done (:

  3. Hi Sherrie :)

    Thanks for the kind comment over at my blog. I'm having fun reading through your posts right now! Shame about the food here, the first few photos looked so promising. I think I'd still be interested in trying their regular menu though (maybe high tea is just not their forte). It seems they have an All You Can Eat :D

    1. Hello! No problem - your photos are so so so incredibly beautiful (:

      I didn't know they have all you can eat! Do tell me how that goes and how the food is :D It is more an Asian restaurants so that's probably why high tea isn't their specialty haha.