Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wowcow, Burwood

Today was the opening day for the frozen yogurt store Wowcow in Burwood! My sister and I absolutely love frozen yogurt so we were keen to go and eat some froyo at the grand opening.

They had so many things going on - they even had actual cows! Look at this one - it's wearing a Wowcow visor hat, how cute.

It was a gold coin donation for a free kids size frozen yogurt, and all the proceeds go to the Oxfam foundation.

Chocolate froyo with mochi, almonds and coconut & original froyo with mango pearls, normally $3.98 each
See those little orange balls? I have to make a special mention about those because they are amazing! There was a skin on the outside that was encasing a juicy mango juice which burst when you bite into them. They were so. freaking. good. The chocolate one was very creamy and the mochi here is sweet and chewy, and definitely beats the mochi they have at Moochi.

We had to buy a few things from The Chemist Warehouse, but on the way back down, we were given samples of churros dipped in melted chocolate which were delicious. That just tempted us to get yet another cup of frozen yogurt.

Chocolate frozen yogurt with brownie pieces
The brownie pieces were fudgy and really good, and not at all cakey. Definitely a chocolate overload on this one ;)

My sister took a photo with the man in the cow costume! I did feel sorry for him - imagine how hot and stuffy it'd be under that thick fur...

51 Burwood Rd
Sydney, NSW, 2134

Open until late daily

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