Thursday, August 16, 2012

Malacca Straits, Broadway

Malacca Straits isn't the easiest of restaurants to find. Tucked away in a residential block, there is only a subtle sign out on the main road telling you of the existence of the restaurant. However, you cannot miss it once you turn in!

The boy and I were quickly seated and the waiter (a happy chap he was) gave us the menus and water and left us to ponder over what we wanted. The food came out alarmingly fast after we ordered!

Hainanese chicken rice, $9.50
The bowl of soup came to the table first, and it really was warming and exactly what I needed.This is just like my parents make it at home. Though we normally boil the chicken and then dunk the pieces in a separate bowl of sauce. The chicken was wonderfully tender and juicy, pairing wonderfully with the deliciously fragrant rice. And there is chilli for those who like a bit of an extra hit of heat!

Murtabak, $10.50
I've had a fantastic murtabak at Mamak that was packed full of flavour so I had high expectations for this. But I found the beef slightly dry and the roti was not as flaky as Mamak's unfortunately. The curry sauce really was needed to give the beef some extra moisture and flavour.

Kuih ketayap, $5.00
I am a sucker for all things pandan, coconut and palm sugar so this was a dessert that I definitely could not forgo despite already being full! And for five bucks, why the hell not?

Coconut and palm sugar innards
Inside the fluro green pandan crepe was a filling of toasted coconut, palm sugar, and I swear I could also taste a hint of ginger though the boy just looked at me and said, "What ginger?" The palm sugar syrup and coconut cream gave this already very sweet dessert that extra bit of richness because it just wasn't needed before ;)

Though it was supposed to cost $25 all up, they only charged us $24.50 for some reason. Isn't that nice? (:

Malacca Straits
66 Mountain St
Broadway, NSW, 2007
8021 7069

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

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  1. I liked your review of this place: you've captured all the fun in it too! :)
    Shall keep an eye out on your foodhunting - goodluck!

    1. Haha why thank you! Good food = happy day :D
      PS, you don't happen to be Hakeem's older brother do you?

  2. Hi there, regarding how your parents make gway png, do you guys rub the inside with ginger and garlic before boiling, then steep immediately in ice water after boiling? Also do you fry the rice grains with the ginger and garlic and bit of stock first before putting it in the rice cooker? also where do you get good pandan leaf from? Also do you use sweet sauce? If so where abouts do you get it from? The indonesian kecap manis is too thick, and not bothered to go buy tiger brand sweet sauce from singapore :/

    lucky you, your parents making gway png for you!!!

    1. Sorry, my parents didn't make this for me unfortunately! I had it at a Malaysian restaurant - it was delicious :D