Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sushi Hon, Westfield Sydney, CBD

We had a site visit to the beautiful State Theatre on Market St today and I definitely did not expect the interiors to be so incredibly beautiful! It was the biggest clash of styles with Baroque, Neoclassical, Greek and Art Deco all combined to somehow create a gorgeous interior. I really was mesmerised and would love to have this over the top style for my house one day, a la Marie Antoinette ;)

Anyway, I met up with the boy afterwards for some jeans shopping. That was actually the longest time I've spent just shopping for something he needed! Normally I'm the one out buying things... The shop assistant at YD was definitely one of the nicest ones I met and was so incredibly eager and helpful with all the different styles - he really knew his stuff! I chatted with him while the boy tried on at least 10 pairs of jeans and he mentioned that the atmosphere at races are amazing and convinced me that I should go for the experience! Does anyone have any comments about the Spring races? I love how everyone dresses up for the occasion! With all the fancy hats haha. It definitely is something I want to go to at least once. He ended up buying a black pair of jeans with a tinge of blue, and we thanked the helpful assistant and were on our merry way for some dinner.

If it's one thing that I love, it would have to be fancy sushi! Sushi Hon on the level 5 food court in Westfield Sydney definitely caught my eye with all these exotic looking sushi on their menu. And the best thing about sushi trains is being able to eat as soon as you sit down!

Lion King Roll, $5.80
Consisting of a coleslaw centre topped with grilled salmon doused in teriyaki sauce and kewpie mayonaise, both of us agreed that this was a winner. Great start!

Blue Mountain, $6.80
Once again, grilled teriyaki salmon sushi, topped with a scallop and a mountain of avocado with a sprinkling of fish roe! This definitely was a hard one to eat as it was a massive sushi tower!

Gold Butterfly, $6.80
If you can see the trend going on, we've been getting all the expensive plates because they're not normal offerings on normal sushi trains... The presentation for this one was lovely with the scallops being sliced in half and spread out to look like butterflies on top of a coleslaw and avocado centred sushi piece.

Jumping Crab Roll, $5.80
Crab innards topped with something that I'm not too sure what it is but it sure tasted great!

Cheese Dragon Roll, $6.80
I liked the cheese in this one, but I've had better tasting Dragon Rolls elsewhere. Not to mention there were still bones in the eel which managed to get stuck in my teeth... Awks.

Bamboo Roll, $4.80
I adored the sweet marinated tofu strips inside this roll which was topped with slices of creamy avocado.

Twins, $4.80
The prawn tempura was wonderully crispy, sitting on top of a buttery egg mix and was finished with a little dollop of sweet chilli sauce.

Creme Brulee, $6.80
And to finish, I nabbed a creme brulee! The strawberries were sweet and juicy. The toffee top made a satisfying crack as I hit it with my spoon and eagerly dug in to the sweet, creamy yet eggy custard. Addictive combination.

As you can see, overall price did total to quite a bit, which was incredibly easy when you're going "Ooh, what's that?" while already making a grab at it. Though all in all, the sushi did taste amazing so no complaints there.

I even managed to fit in some late night shopping - new tights, jeans, and a tank top!

Sushi Hon

188 Pitt St
Level 5 Westfield Sydney
Sydney, NSW, 2000

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