Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kansai, Wynyard

C decided to organise dinner at Kansai because what do boys absolutely love? Buffet. Especially when there is expensive fish on the menu. I, being a girl, was apprehensive about it because honestly, how much can one small Asian girl eat?! But I decided to go along anyway because I always enjoy C, J, V and E's company and for $29.50, I thought "Why not?"

I ended up eating almost as much as all the boys! Since at Kansai you have to order your food, and we were a group of 5 so they asked for lots of 5 for everything that we did order! Salmon aburi was ordered in massive bouts, as well as the soft-shelled crab hand rolls which were absolutely delicious. I loved the specialty rolls as well! The dragon rolls were definitely a hit, along with the deep fried sushi called "Crunch" which had an absolutely delicious crisp outer batter and we also managed to try the Volcano rolls which were also pretty good. Of course, you can't go to an all you can eat without ordering sashimi nigiri! And some sashimi salad for your daily dose of greens. We ended with some prawn tempura which were pretty nice with the dipping sauce. This time, I definitely ate much more than my money's worth! It was great catching up while stuffing ourselves stupid and I definitely learnt a few new things, namely "spitroasting" which, trust me, is not something you want to know about!

I did not know how they did it, but the boys still had room to fit in Noggi afterwards with the logic that "It's liquid and can seep through the cracks of food in your stomach". But I seriously could not do it! That didn't stop them from dragging me with them to Strathfield anyway.

It definitely was a fun night spent talking, laughing and of course, eating. I'm glad I decided to go despite my untouched uni homework which is piling up into a mountain... Time to pick up my game!

Have a good start to the week everyone!

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