Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ms G's, Potts Point

I have finally trekked to the Red District to get me some Asian fusion cuisine!

I wonder what the bright neon lights stand for?
We got there before 6 and were promptly seated as it was still early in the night. The waiter was friendly and helpful with recommendations although I already knew what I wanted to order!

Ms G's Famous Yuzu Slushee, $14.00
This standard Russian vodka cocktail was very refreshing with all the citrus flavours from the Limoncello, yuzu juice and grapefruit bitters. I tried my friends' Pina 'Pearls' Colada and Good Morning Vietnam, but I thought mine was the best ;) The flavour of the alcohol also came through much stronger in the other two - that's why I like vodka better!

Ms G’s grilled corn on the cob, parmesan & lime, $4 each
 I love corn! And these juicy cobs were flavousome and delicious.

Mini crisp pork belly bánh mì, $6.00 each
With all the hype about these cute mini burgers, I wasn't expecting it to live up to its grand expectations. After all, could it taste that much better than Vietnamese pork rolls which I already love? But as I took my first bite, it completely blew my mind - they were so good! I think it has something to do with the tasty mayo. Now I'm really tempted to try the chicken katsu one as well!

Prawn toast with yuzu aioli & herbs, $14.00
Crunchy pieces of toast with prawn innards. Very reminiscent of all the prawn dumpling varieties you can get at yum cha only with a very crispy exterior so this was good.

Calamari & snow crab salad with yuzu & miso ranch dressing, $18.00
Sort of ate most of it before a photo was taken, oops. Compared to the other dishes we just had, this salad lacked the wow factor. It was still nice, but the delicate flavours of the ingredients were overpowered by the creaminess of the dressing and as a result, it felt quite heavy for a salad.

Jow’s sweet & sour lamb ribs, $23.00
I love lamb ribs, and when paired with the sweet and sour marinade that normally comes with pork? Spectacularly tasty! The lamb was very well cooked and tender, and the sweet and sour sauce went very well fattiness of the ribs. I normally have lamb ribs braised in soy at home, so this was a welcome change.

“Breakfast” crunchy cereal, sticky rice, burnt honey ice cream, mango & cranberries, $12.00
This really messed with our minds because the icecream tasted like Crunchy Nut! It was probably infused into the icecream. But I really enjoyed the flavour and it was consistent with the theme of the dessert.

“Stoner’s Delight 2.0” doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice, banana fritter, $12.00
I couldn't taste the doughnut in the icecream :( It was nice, but I was looking for that doughnut flavour. However, I fell in love with the banana fritter! It was so unlike any that I've had before and it tasted so good. The exterior was not the normal deep fried coating and instead, it had a thin noodle-like exterior that wasn't oily at all and felt quite light for a dessert.

“Ms G’s Lemon tart” with lemon curd, streusel, lemon granita & mascarpone sorbet, $12.00
However, this was my favourite dessert of the night! It was creamy and not too tart. When digging around, we found streusal hidden within the lemon curd which had a very thick consistency - almost like jelly but not quite. The lemon granita and mascarpone sorbet went wonderfully with every component in the glass and really made this dessert sing. If you love lemon, this is a must order! Especially as it was featured on Masterchef ;)

Overall, it was fantastic being able to catch up with friends over good food. I was not disappointed with Ms G's and I had a very enjoyable night there.

Ms G's
155 Victoria Street
Potts Point, NSW, 2011

Trading hours:

Friday: 12pm - 3pm
Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

Monday to Saturday: 5pm – 11pm
Sunday: 5pm - 9pm
Bar opens until late

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  1. Oh you've got to love those ribs, slightly crispy and meltingly tender. Magical things they are and to this day is still one of my most favourite dishes.

    1. You got me craving them with just that one comment! They were deliciously amazing...