Saturday, May 19, 2012

saturday munchies

Had quite an early lunch today - was feeling peckish and it wasn't even noon yet! The cold weather is really doing me in... I drank like four cups of tea this morning! Despite the winter weather, I really felt like something zesty today so just my luck we were out of lemons... So I decided to make do with oranges instead! Made a salad of cucumber, carrot, tomato and chicken, squeezed in a few slices of orange and topped it with sweet chilli sauce. Yum. Would've been better with lemon though! But the great part of using orange is that I can eat the leftover later as a snack :D I tend to snack a lot... So my meals are always quite small haha. Though I feel my eating is getting better - I feel much healthier and more upbeat! I still got to tone down on my sugar intake, especially chocolate (oh god, I love chocolate so much).

My weekend is going to be spend laying out all my drawings on panels out for a mock presentation on Monday. I have so much left to do but at the same time, I really am not in the mood to do anything or work on my structure because I'm really not liking my design... It looks like a rock-cave-thing lol.

Hope everyone else will have better weekends - happy Saturday!

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