Saturday, May 12, 2012

lindt lindola

My grandaunt bought us chocolates! Yummm. My favourites would have to be:
Milk Pyramid milk chocolate enveloping a smooth milk praline filling with delicate wafer pieces
Stracciatella Dome gently roasted cocoa nibs blended in creamy vanilla and almond praline, enrobed in a dark chocolate with a crown of creamy white chocolate
Marzipan Buchette aromatic filling of dark chocolate and marzipan praline, enrobed in milk chocolate with a dark chocolate decor
Cresta Milk smooth hazelnut praline with nougat pieces, enveloped in an extra-fine milk chocolate
Caramel Fondant intensely flavoured dark chocolate square, layered with soft-melting caramel
Cuppuccino Delice fine milk and white chocolate with a smooth and aromatic coffee centre

Ah, I could eat chocolate all day if I could. Seriously, I had this box of chocolates next to me as I was drawing up plans and sections on Autocad (oh my god, massive assignment due this upcoming Wednesday so I'm stressed as... And such little time - I've got work from 8-5:30 tomorrow so it's going to be a long day) and I was sort of absentmindedly picking up chocolates and eating them and before I knew it, half the box was gone. Oopsie! And a large box it is... But it was ohsotasty.

Time to go back to annotating construction drawings and making new ones :(

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