Friday, April 6, 2012

my loves

Well I've owned these stunners for a while now and thought I ought to do a review on them (:


When I bought these in black distressed leather I was just like fucking yes! I was looking at reviews online about the knockoffs but I couldn't bring myself to buy fakes because I'd rather spend more money and get a better quality product. What you pay for is what you get. They did hurt my wallet costing me $159.95 at Tuchuzy in Bondi when I could've bought them for around $150 on Solestruck because of the high AUD... BUT I was like, it's only $10 extra, wouldn't have to wait for shipping, the store assistant was super nice, so why not? Indeed, why not.

In terms of comfort? Oh. My. God. These are so amazingly comfortable. The high platform makes it feel like I'm only walking on a slight heel and I could go on forever in these. Shoe sizing is also perfect. I bought a size 6 and my foot size is 23.5cm. They fit great without feeling too constraining on my feet so I can even wear them with a pair of socks (: I'm going to have to be super careful when wearing these because I do not want the wooden heel to chip! The only thing I would complain about is the lacing - takes forever to put them on because you have to loosen it, and then tighten them to tie up the laces again. BUT it's a small price to pay because I wouldn't want a zip on the side - it'd detract from the look haha. I foresee wearing these very often because they do go with everything ;)

Supre cardigan and shirt dress, Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Photo taken after family outing for yum cha with my sister who I love to bits (: And yes I'm aware of the trashy rip in my stockings. To be honest, I thought they added to my outfit because everything else was relatively conservative lol.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend everybody! I plan on gorging on post-Easter chocolates that will go on sale ;)

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