Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home Thai Restaurant, Haymarket

Since I finished work at 5pm, and my boyfriend had a group work meet up at 9pm, we decided last minute to hang out and waste some time before he had to venture off to UNSW. Le sigh, it is indeed hard to meet up with him during uni semester.  I wanted to eat at Home Thai because I love Thai food and I was very tempted by the desserts I saw online and lets face it, who can ever have enough dessert? ;) We strolled in before 6 and managed to nab one of the last tables. Granted, it was right next to the door which I didn't mind BUT the table was so small I was wondering how any dishes would fit on the table at all... But they did so it was alright (:

Moo Kum Wan, $11.90

My boyfriend was very keen to eat this after he saw the picture on the menu despite me telling him that beef tends to be quite chewy after they cook it at Thai restaurants and is often very, very, VERY spicy. Of course he doesn't listen to me and orders it anyway haha. This grilled marinated beef salad with shallot, coriander, mint, tomato, lemongrass, cucumber and chef’s dressing does taste quite good but is indeed quite spicy and the meat was chewy as I expected so wasn't too big of a fan. It was nice but I definitely did not want to fill my stomach up with this when I had ordered the other salad!

Pu Nim Yum Mamuang, $16.50

Now this baby was what I had decided I was going to order as soon as I lay my eyes on the menu! I was too excited and ate a piece of the soft-shelled crap as soon as it hit the table before I realised I was meant to take a photo... Whoops! The mango salad was a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and sour and I loved the prawns and cashews throughout the salad. I adore cashews.

Sticky Rice with Mango, $6.50

My god this was good. The rice had different flavours and from what I discerned, the purple was taro, the white was coconut, and the green pandan! All topped with a delicious coconut sauce. Did I mention that I love coconut? The sweet mango paired perfectly with the sticky rice. I order this a lot when I eat Thai. With the other dessert options at around the $5 mark, I was very tempted to order more but I was already full and did not want to burst at the seams. Gives me an excuse to go back next time! They are definitely cheaper than the dessert options at Chat Thai (I have also tried an extensive amount of their dessert menu).

We then proceeded to spend an aimless night wandering the city and purchasing 99c Kinder Bueno chocolates at Woolworths (I love that stuff even though I'm no longer a kid!) before going our separate ways for the night.

Home Thai Restaurant
Shop 1 - 2
299 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000

9261 5058 

Trading Hours:
Lunch: 11am - 5pm
Dinner: 5pm - 10:30pm

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