Thursday, April 5, 2012

the hunger games

I watched "The Hunger Games" in cinemas today! I know, it's been ages since it came out but I haven't had the time to... Oh Josh Hutcherson, you were the perfect Peeta indeed! And Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss extremely well alsol. Very hard to fault casting.

Overall, it was almost exactly the same as the book. However there were two things that were significantly different from the book.

1. She did not get the mockingjay pin from some old lady

2. The pitbulls that were chasing them were supposed to be mutants of the dead tributes. For me, this ruined the tension quite a bit because it was meant to be much more grotesque, alarming and horrifying.

Oh and another thing, CINNA WAS AWESOME. And I love how they stuck exactly to the book and gave him just that little bit of gold eyeliner - PERFECTION.

After the movie finished, we quickly ate at the sushi train outside the cinemas (SO CHEAP, $3.30 per plate!) because I had less than an hour left until my painting class started.

Despite what others said, I did enjoy the movie. If the book were made into a movie, this was basically how I'd imagine it to be... So, yeah (:

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