Saturday, March 8, 2014

Felix Bistro & Bar, Wynyard

Merivale currently has meal deals for $33 as part of their March into Merivale celebration so yes to cheaper meal deals :D McMini, M and I were seated outside for our girls date so thank goodness there weren't big gushes of wind that night! We ended up ordering from the normal menu and not the meal deal menu.

Complimentary bread and butter
Slather on that butter! Choice of sourdough, multigrain or rye with butter - how can you go wrong? The pick of the three had to be the sourdough with the lovely crust.

Twice baked Gruyere soufflé with onion puree, rocket and walnut, $20.00
Souffle is not something I've had before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It was so fluffy! The souffle by itself was nice, but it was lacking a little something which I found the onion puree made up for. The two together really gave us a delicious start.

Slow cooked, herb crusted lamb shoulder with  slow roast tomatoes and rosemary jus, $33.00 (for one)
The flavour that was encrusted in just the herb crust itself was delicious. The lamb shoulder itself was beautifully soft and tender as all soft-cooked lamb should be. Just a tad underseasoned but overall, incredibly tasty.

Confit duck leg, frisee, lentil and green bean salad, lyonnaise sauce, $33.00
How can I ever say no to confit duck? M offered us both to try some of her confit duck and it was divine. Just as good as the one I had at Le Pub :) I loved the subtle sweetness from the lyonnaise sauce.

Roast cauliflower, spring onion, mint and marinated goat's cheese, $10.00
We also got a side of roast cauliflower because you know, veggies! I do love cauliflower though - the insides were so soft. And with pomegranates and marinated goat's cheese, it's hard to dislike the sweet, tangy, salty and herby flavours. Always a fan of the addition of spring onion.

Looking back, we ordered some solid winter comfort food in the dead midst of summer... Didn't regret ordering any of those, because they were all delicious! Who says you have to eat according to the weather? :P

Felix Bistro and Bar
2 Ash St
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Opening Hours 
Monday to Friday: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Monday to Saturday: 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: 5:30pm - 9.30pm

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  1. I really dig Felix's soufflé, though I haven't been in awhile so I wonder if it tastes any different. I'm surprisingly interested in the cauliflower though!

    1. The souffle was pretty awesome! Gotta make sure we eat our daily dose of vegetables, right? :P I actually enjoyed the cauliflower more than I thought I would!

  2. Good stuff. You really gotta have something from their ice bar. A good amount of oysters and I'm in happy land over there.

    1. Sounds great! Definitely will try out the ice bar when I'm there next :)

  3. Hehe whenever it gets even slightly chilly I'm turning to confits and roasts. The souffle looks fantastic! I love cheese souffles :)

    1. I've still yet to try a dessert souffle so that's next on the list :)

  4. that confit duck looks sooo good. i really enjoyed the sample of the lamb shoulder at the march into merivale launch so will definitely head there after work one day to try the whole dish

  5. those roast cauliflowers look really good!