Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Carlisle, Potts Point

I don't find myself in Kings Cross very often but upon a tempting offer of trying out tapas and cocktails at The Carlisle's opening, I found myself venturing out to the Cross with Steph and Vanny!

Waiters serving champagne upon arrival



Bar area
Celebrity chef Chrys Xipolitas designed the menu, inspired by Asian and Mediterranean flavours while there was a modern twist of traditional Martinis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds on the cocktail menu.

Carlisle plate
Dips, feta and marinated olives kept us bloggers satiated before the tapas were served.

Bartender making clover club cocktails

Grilled haloumi cheese, topped with purple grape and balsamic reduction
Seriosly, this was the perfect flavour combo! The grape really helped add a touch of sweetness to the haloumi.

Clover club, $18.00

Lightly floured and fried prawn cutlet, served with soy teriyaki & wasabi aioli
 Yum, deep fried prawn! The sauces were what really made these morsels delicious. I thought the wasabi would be too strong but it actually provided just the right amount of kick.

Eastside Fizz, $18.00

BBQ spicy marinated chicken thigh fillets
 I happened to get a fatty chicken piece which made it super delicious. I would like to know what's in that secret sauce on the side though!

South of border, $18,00

BBQ beef tenderloin rolled in mixed peppers with a bourbon jus and garlic chips
The beef was cooked to a lovely medium rare and was very tender to eat. What I couldn't get enough of were those garlic chips! Crunchy hit of garlic - such an ingenious idea.

Blood and sand, $18.00

Overall, I really have to thank Bonnie Wu for being a wonderful hostess throughout the night. It was lovely meeting all the various bloggers during the event - it was great to chat and put faces to blog names :D We had endless cocktails topped up throughout the night and we were definitely encouraged to drink more than our fair share ;) Word f warning though, these cocktails are mighty strong!

Crystal Noir attended the opening launch courtesy of Bonnie Wu of The Carlisle Bar however all opinions are her own.

The Carlisle Bar
2 Kellett Way
Potts Point, NSW, 2011

Opening Hours
Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday - Sunday: 6:00pm - late

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  1. Man everyone was at this event! Clearly I should've just come even though I don't drink. The prawn cutlet looks right up my alley though :D

    1. Admittedly I didn't drink too much on the night despite it simultaneously being a cocktail and tapas degustation. But there were lots of little morsels to snack on so that's good enough for me :P How can you go wrong with deep-fried prawns and tasty aioli, am I right? :)

  2. Lorraine Not Quite NigellaMarch 16, 2014 at 10:51 PM

    There are so many great bars in the Cross! Looks like you had fun :)

    1. I feel as though I should venture more out there just to try them out :D

  3. Dear Sherrie,

    I think the PR company invited the entire food blogging community in Sydney that evening! I did enjoy the clover club although I seldom have cocktails.

    1. They sure did! It was great seeing everybody :) Cocktails are normally quite expensive in Sydney unfortunately :(

  4. It's great to see your coverage of the event. It was such a great night and I thoroughly agree, so good to catch up with other bloggers. I think the first cocktail was my favourite of the night, although the bartender did make a "Porn Star" which was amazing!

    1. Haha oh my! Porn Star sounds like it definitely should be an amazing cocktail ;P