Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eats lately via iPhone #3

Hello fellow readers! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late - this last semester of my bachelor's degree is proving to be very hard with a lot of work :( But I haven't forgotten about this little blog nor have I disappeared and as proof, here's a little round up of all the things I've eaten recently! Whee, lots of food incoming.

Banh mi, $3.95
Pork rolls always hit the spot for me. There's something so comforting about the combination of pickled carrots (they must be pickled!!), cucumber, onions, coriander and pork. This one is from my favourite store in Ashfield. It's a chain of the original which started in Marrickville!

Ashfield Vietnamese Rolls
224 Liverpool Rd
Ashfield, NSW, 2131

Banh mi ga xa (lemongrass chicken), $6.95
Whilst I do love pork rolls, this lemongrass chicken roll stole my attention and I was feeling like something different. This store is just down the road from my work place so it's perfect if I want to grab a quick lunch. What's great about this place is they offer a variety of different breads (I chose multigrain) and offer to toast it for you which makes it so much more awesome. This roll was very tasty and especially refreshing from the addition of mint leaves. Their pork rolls are also cheap at $3.95 - a great price for lunch in the heart of the city!

Bank Mi K
G2/730-742 George Street 
Haymarket, NSW , 2000

Banh mi k on Urbanspoon

Broadway roll - part of a set
The sushi definitely satisfied my sushi cravings at the time. Loved the spicy sauce that came with it. We got this as part of the meal set which also came with noodle so it was very cheap at $10.

Because it's a standard order when eating Japanese, yay!

Maki Maki
169 Broadway Sydney
Ultimo, Sydney, 2008 

Maki Maki on Urbanspoon

Special beef noodle soup, $12.50
I walked past a new Vietnamese in Burwood and made a mental note to visit soon. And that was exactly what I did and ordered a big bowl of steaming pho. Because pho is so comforting. The waitress came with the bowl of pho and I was wowed by the sheer size of it. The soup was flavoursome and clean tasting. I felt like I barely made a dent in the noodles! Definitely will try the rest of their menu. Business seems to be going well for them - it's always packed during lunch times!

Mint Vietnamese Pho and Cuisine
226 Burwood Rd  
Burwood, NSW , 2134

Mint Vietnamese Pho and Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Smoked salmon and fennel salad, $16.00
Perfect combination of smoked salmon, fennel and spinach. There were currants to add sweetness and capers that burst in the mouth. The creamy dressing really tied everything together.

Le Monde
83 Foveaux St 
Surry Hills, NSW , 2010

Le Monde on Urbanspoon

Cocktails, $15.00
Caught up with one of my girlfriends at Fratelli Fresh over excellent truffle risotto. We also ordered cocktails because we're girly like that. Mine was a wonderful concoction of grapefruit and cucumber while my friend chose the peach and champagne combination.

Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh
11 Bridge Street 
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh on Urbanspoon

Peanut butter milkshake, $8.00
Jazz City Diner was still closed, so we ended up again at the Milk Bar to which I proceeded to order this amazing peanut butter milkshake. I took one sip and felt giddy with happiness because it was THAT good. The peanut butter flavour is different from the peanut butter we have in Australia. It has a distinct American peanut butter flavour that I love - especially in Reese's peanut butter cups!

Coconut cream pie, $8.00
Soft, fluffy cloud of meringue on top of a smooth custard and flaky pastry. I think I went to pie heaven. It wasn't too sweet so I felt like I could continue eating it with no problem at all! Don't worry all you coconut haters out there - the dominant flavour is not coconut! It's just a sprinkling of flakes on top of the pie :)

Jazz City Milk Bar
Republic 2 Courtyard Palmer St  
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010

Chocolate & churros tapas
A tasting plate of mini churros, chocolate, deep fried chocolate truffles, choc brownie and strawberries. Love the churros at San Churros - perfect for dipping in melted chocolate!

San Churros
47 Glebe Point Rd 
Sydney, NSW, 2037
Chocolateria San Churro on Urbanspoon


  1. Omg yumm that coconut cream pie and peanut buttermilk shake :3
    My list of places to eat just doesn't stop growing :'(

    1. Don't worry - my list is over 100 places long!

  2. Nice roundup. Looks like food's always on top of your mind despite the assignments I'm assuming.

    1. Way too many assignments! :( When will my holidays come? :(

  3. MIA on the blog front but still lots of eating - that's the way ;)

    1. I will never stop thinking abut or eating food behind closed doors ;)

  4. So much great food!!!
    Nice to see you back :-)

    1. I will try not neglect this blog as much as I have! Must nurture it more :P

  5. So many delicious eats! I've been in America so I have really missed the Asian goodies! :D

    1. America sure has a lot of special food as well! I suppose just less Asian and more "splurge" foods :P

  6. Look at the big grin on my face

    1. With all this food surrounding you, who wouldn't have a big grin? :D

  7. you eat well LOL.I have never heard or seen Ashfield Vietnamese rolls place before- must try!
    Im in love with Mint in Burwood, saves the trip to cabramatta!

    1. I spent far too much money on food and coffee LOL. Ashfield is so close by so it saves me the trip of having to try the ones at Marrickville! I'd like to see how the original fares though :P Haha I agree! It's so good to have good restaurants locally so you don't have to make a trip - and Cabramatta is one far trip for me (despite it having good food) :P

  8. been working too much myself so i know how u feel. good to see lots of foodie action happening. will probably check out le monde soonish after hearing lots of raves for its brunch

    1. I love brunch - definitely a favourite meal of mine when eating out!