Monday, February 11, 2013

NaruOne Korean Restaurant, Sydney CBD

Who's eyes light up at the words fried chicken? I know mine do. And I think I have discovered a gem at NaruOne, thanks to grabmyfork. She ranks this fried chicken as number 1 in Sydney! If fried chicken doesn't convince you to drag your ass down there, I'm sure her recommendation will ;)

Fried chicken with spring onion, $32.00
Say hello to my photo-bomber friend right there. But onto the good stuff. This fried chicken is worth every artery-clogging moment. The batter has been fried to a state crispy golden goodness that crunches with every bite. And no stringy chicken underneath that awesome batter, all succulent wonder. Eaten with the dipping sauce provided makes my tastebuds sing with joy. This is a place of happiness. Who knew Koreans specialised in frying chicken? :D There was also some pickled daikon to act as a mouth cleanser. Pickled anything tends to win me over.

Rice cakes stir fried in chilli sauce, $12.00
And I think my Shanghainese background prevailed me into ordering these rice cakes. I love rice cake. At first, you will think that chilli sauce isn't too hot. But that fieriness builds up in your mouth the more you eat until there is a significant burning happening. Water!! I'd say it's worth the burn though. Definitely a different spiciness than what I'm used to.

Who likes chilli? And what kind of hot do you prefer? Or do you tend to avoid anything spicy and hot altogether?

NaruOne Korean Restaurant
375 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
9261 2680

Opening Hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 11:00 -  3:00am
Sunday-Monday: 11:00am - 10:00pm

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  1. my god that is such a nice hand!

  2. I went to Naruone a few weeks ago after reading the same blog post as you. SO DELISH! I cannot wait to go back.

    1. Good recommendation right? :D I still haven't tried the fried chicken with the spicy sauce! That would also be amazing!!

  3. I am so sad I've not been. I need to go, stat.

  4. I'm planning on going Naruone this weekend for the first time so I started food blogging and came across your review! :D omg the rice cakes look so so excited!

    1. The fried chicken with spring onion was amazing! You have to get the chicken :D I really enjoyed the rice cakes too - though I always love love love those chewy rice cakes :P