Thursday, February 14, 2013

Princess Coco Chocolaterie, Sydney CBD

Hi, my name's Sherrie and I'm a chocolate addict. There's nothing better than that moment chocolate first hits your tastebuds. Heaven.

I remember back in the days of high school when we had to fundraise for our year ten formal with boxes of chocolate. M&Ms, Snickers, Mars Bars, Maltesers...  I swear I ended up buying a whole lot of the boxes myself. Whoops. Wish our year advisor bought the boxes Cadbury bars instead - those bars were smaller than the boxes we had to sell!

Today for all you lovebirds is Valentine's Day so I hope you all had a wonderful day! But for us singles, we might as well go and have fun anyway, right? ;) I ended up celebrating with my sister at Princess Coco. What says decadence more than chocolate right?

I love the theme of Princess Coco. The chairs are a rich purple and very plush. There was something very Baroque about the interior.

Iced Au Lait Chocolate, $7.50
Our iced chocolate came with two amazing house made marshmallows. They were so squishy when I picked them up and simply melted in the mouth. Nothing can compare to freshly made marshmallows. The iced chocolate was topped with vanilla ice-cream for added creaminess and had a lovely, smooth malt finish. It was so intensely chocolate-y. Why does homemade iced chocolate never taste quite as good as this?!

Tiramisu sphere, $17.00
How pretty is the white chocolate sphere? Then our waiter poured on the coffee chocolate sauce.

There melts the prettiness. But that doesn't matter when the sauce adds so much to the dessert. The interior of the sphere contained a kahlua tiramisu centre with layers of sponge and cream. What was interesting was the chocolate jelly. That I've never seen or heard before. It definitely was intriguing. My sister adored it whereas I did find it slightly odd - probably because I couldn't get used to it. Overall, that sphere was the highlight of the dessert!

Fondant au citron vert, $15.00

What intrigued us to order this was the combination of flavours - chocolate and lime. I love chocolate, and I love lime, but I've definitely never had the two together. What's not to love about fondants? Cakey exterior, soft gooey centre... This one had a lime cremux centre though. I definitely did not expect it to be so tart. The lime centre by itself was awesome, but I don't think it paired particularly well with the chocolate... However, the chocolate lime sauce was not too bad because the lime was pretty subtle. The fondant itself was baked perfectly and it was totally rad paired with the salted palm sugar ice-cream which was topped with an almond tuille.

We left in a little bit of a sugar coma. Didn't expect to be full from that, but I assume it was because it was really rich...

How did everyone else spent their Valentine's Day? :)

Princess Coco Chocolaterie
158-166 Day St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
9269 0881

Opening Hours
Monday-Wednesday: 7:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday-Friday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday: Closed

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  1. What a perfect place to spend Valentines Day! And it doesn't look too crowded too?

    1. I definitely was surprised at how empty it was on a Valentine's day! We spotted one couple and that was it. Though we definitely had a fun time gorging ourselves on chocolate :P

  2. Wow fancy pants! Looks perfect for a girly night out.

    1. Definitely a place to hang with the girls! Eating chocolate, drinking chocolate... There's never a thing as too much chocolate for us girls is there? :)

  3. Good on you for treating yourself to such a decadent chocolate experience on Valentines Day.

    Everything looked so amazing, loved the images. :)

    1. When, if not Valentines Day, would you be able to treat yourself with chocolate? :D Princess Coco really is a lovely cafe!

  4. I love Princess Coco! That tiramisu looks absolutely stunning, as does the fondant. Chocolate and lime sounds amazing :)

    1. Chocolate and lime was really something different! The desserts were definitely very yummy :D

  5. Replies
    1. Chocolate tends to have that affect on me too ;)

  6. i'm a chocoholic too and omg this place looks amazing