Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sushi Hotaru, Sydney CBD

Just before I begin my blog post for today, I'd like to celebrate the fact that my blog is now over a year old! What a whirlwind this year has been - it has all gone so quickly but it has been amazing.

This past year, I've discovered how much I really love food, and my hungry eyes have scoured the internet far and wide for recipes, especially of the nutritious kind! (Though it may not look it from the way I eat on my blog :P). There's still so many places not just within Sydney to explore, and I want to see it all! I want to keep sharing my love for food with all you wonderful people who take the time to stop by, read my blog and say hello. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you dear readers. I want to connect with all of you much more! There is so much still to do in Sydney, especially eat. So here's to another year of happy eating!

Onto something to which my love ever wanes - sushi! I've always noticed this one sushi train inside the Galeries that always seem to have really good business. I always wondered what was so great about it that there always seemed to be a line? My questions were answered after finding out that each plate on the sushi conveyer belt was $3. And what joy wouldn't be etched upon anyone's face upon the discovery of $3 sushi plates on a sushi train right in the middle of Sydney's CBD? That's right, you heard me, $3. Each plate is $3! Time to go cray with the stacking of empty sushi plates ;)

Scallops, $3.00
Scallop sashimi! Super soft and melt in the mouth.

Soft-shelled crab, $3.00
If there's one thing I can never get enough of, it's soft-shelled crab. Love the spicy mayo and the addition of the crunchy lotus chip! Those things are addictive.

Grilled salmon, $3.00
The salmon was still pink on the inside, yet had a wonderfully smokey outer.

Wagyu beef, $3.00
The wagyu beef was cooked rare which was almost like beef takati. Works well with sushi!

Grilled scallops, $3.00
My sister and I couldn't resist grabbing another scallop one because for $3, that's great value. This time we went for the grilled. Prefer this over the raw one as it has that smokey flavour and I think I prefer the texture when it has been ever so sightly cooked :)

Chicken karaage, $3.00
The hot items you have to order so that they are cooked fresh for you in the kitchen which is a great idea. I can imagine everything going soggy and cold if just left on the conveyer belt... This chicken karaage was super addictive. Succulent chicken, wonderful crunchy batter. Squeeze on the sauce given on the side onto the chicken and you have a winner.

Okonomi, $3.00
Japanese cabbage pancake! Had to order this for my sister to try as she had never had one until now. She was sure missing out.

Takoyaki, $3.00
And who doesn't order takoyaki when at a Jap restaurant? Definitely one of my favourite foods of all time!

So do you all like the idea of being to eat as soon as you enter a restaurant like sushi trains, or do you prefer the idea of relaxed dining? To be fair, who can resist the temptation of such good value for sushi? ;)

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  1. A big congratulations on your blog anniversary! :D And it depends, if I'm out for a night with friends, I like to ease into things rather than rush into it. But ask hubby and he'll say "straight away!" :P

    1. Thank you so much Lorraine! Hehe yes, when I'm catching up with friends a slow meal is best. But sometimes I'm just too hungry and I want food in front of me right away :P That's when sushi trains sure are fantastic!

  2. this is my fav sushi place in the city, cheap and many variety. i always order the salmon and scallop aburi and the matcha ice. happy first blogversary!

    1. Yes to salmon and scallop aburi! The grilled smokey flavour is so good :D Green tea anything is the bomb!! Thank you :D

  3. Happy late birthday! We have one in Melbourne too! We must have copied some of the restaurants from you guys too!

    1. Aw thank you! How good is Sushi Hotaru? So cheap as well!